The Grand Brand Plan–Madison’s Museum Mile

flyer dalai

Hello Everyone,

By providing you with this one idea—The Dalai Lama Museum—I hope to get you thinking using the Law of Attraction for creating the “Grand Brand Plan”.

The nomenclature of various trademarks comprising Madison’s Museum Mile™ is:

  • Madison’s Museum Mile
  • Downtown’s MuseumMIle
  • Wisconsin: MuseumMile™ State
  • Wisconsin Extends the Classroom through Museums
  • Wisconsin’s MuseumMile Camp
  • MuseKitty, Mascot of the MuseumMile Industry
  • National MuseumMile Commission
  • MuseumMile Culture Tax


The MuseumMile™ Plan is an innovative roadmap for Madison, Wisconsin and any town that wants to evolve their “Main Street Programs” into a “Wisconsin MuseumMile™”.   The plan is—“Heritage Tourism and Cultural Fulfillment—at its best.” The plan contains a fun positive image with a built-in outreach program for schools.

Using the ‘Law of attraction’, the plan connects point A with point B as an official “MuseumMile™”. Here in Madison, due to the size and viability, a “MuseumMile™ Fulcrum” is created using the names “Museum Square”, “State Street” and “North State Street” (Think current label—East Campus Mall for the North State Street corridor). This fulcrum designation allows for a broader district in Madison’s Museum Mile when cultural institutions apply for inclusion in MuseumMile Grants.

Please remember that the International Museum Day slogan for May 18, 2017 is “Museums and Contested Histories: Saying the unspeakable in museums”

MuseumMile™ Development Proposals’

  • The Dalai Lama Museum
  • China America Museum
  • Expanding the State Historical and Veterans Museum s
  • Wisconsin Police & Fire Museum
  • Madison Historical Museum
  • Wisconsin Dairy Museum
  • Wisconsin Indian Museum
  • Wisconsin High School Sports Museum
  • Earth Day Museum
  • Madison Golf Museum
  • Trek Bicycle Museum of Wisconsin
  • A MuseMax 3D Theater
  • Moving the UW-Geology Museum
  • National Gay & Lesbian Museum
  • National Co-operative Museum
  • The One & Only Madison’s Little Free Library Museum
  • National Women’s Sports Hall of Fame Museum

Plus, the “State Street Heritage Economy” focuses on the MuseumMile idea by creating the following:

  • Bucky Ducks (Supporting UW-Athletics and visiting the lakes and land sites. Think Wisconsin Dells Ducks.)
  • Carousel Park (Peace Park) (Using Harold Langhammer’s old Madison wooden Carousel we promote all of Wisconsin’s heritage sites in one park on State Street.) (Carousel Park has waiting bleachers and sells tickets to the Bucky Ducks as the drops off/pick up point of sale.)
  • The MaKa Path (Linking Alumni Park with James Madison Park using The Bucky Ducks.)



One thought on “The Grand Brand Plan–Madison’s Museum Mile

  1. Mr. deNure,

    I’m fascinated and would love to have a conversation about this as well as discuss some gaming history with you. Over the years you’ve had some very creative and innovative ideas with a few in particular being overwhelmingly brilliant.

    You may reach me at

    Best wishes 🙂

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